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Interesting Ways to incorporate Ice Cream Into Your Business

Americans sure love ice cream. The average American will consume ice cream almost 29 times this year, so if you are in the restaurant business it is important you incorporate this frozen treat anyway you can. So grab your tasting spoons and ice cream cups, and think about bringing these fun ice creams into your cafe today.

Make your own ice cream sundae
Almost every restaurant or cafe has an option of an ice cream sundae on their menu, but you will want to spice things up a bit to really stand out! Instead of having typical options of hot fudge, strawberries, or caramel sundaes, offer your customers the option for more. Stock as many ice cream flavors as possible, with a ton of toppings -- such as cookie bits, sprinkles, peanut butter cups, gummy bears, whipped cream, and nuts -- so your customers can make the sundae of their dreams.

Milkshake bar

This is an especially fun idea if you own a coffee shop or a cafe because it gives coffee drinkers a bit of a surprise when they duck in. Along with your frappuccinos, lattes, mochas, and Americanos, you can serve a milkshake bar that can be customized with flavors, syrups, and even coffee shots for an extra dose of caffeine. We can guarantee these will be a huge hit all year round.


Some diners simply don't like the heaviness ice cream can bring, so if you wanted to offer something nice and frozen consider gelato. Gelato is the airier, lighter version of Italian ice cream and can give a welcome reprieve to anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth after a meal. Plus, gelato supplies such as tiny spoons and festive cups go a long way in making your restaurant feel warm and welcoming.

Ice cream cakes
Who doesn't like ice cream cakes? Ice cream cakes are the best of both worlds, and with layers of sauce, crunchy cookies, ice cream, and whipped cream you will surely have clients coming back for more.

Interested in bringing ice cream to your restaurant or cafe? Contact us today for your one-stop shop for ice cream and gelato supplies!
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