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INFOGRAPHIC: Lose Your Weight, Not the Ice Cream

The new year is in full swing, and it’s time to ask yourself if you’ve kept up with your resolution thus far. Typically, people make their resolutions around working out or getting in shape, and if you were one of those people this year, it’s time to check yourself.

In 2016, a survey was conducted revolving around new year’s resolutions, and 55% of those resolutions were revolving around eating better, getting in shape, and staying fit. If you’ve kept up with your goals so far, congratulations! You’re among very few that have, but that doesn't mean it’s time to stop working toward your end result. Many people who fall off the fitness wagon do so because of all of the delicious, fatty, carby, and sugary food out there.

However, just because those foods are indeed delicious, doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge and keep up with your healthy habits.

You Can Have Your Ice Cream and Eat It Too
Just because ice cream is one of those coveted, yet fatty treats, doesn’t mean you have to give it up altogether. There are actually healthy ice creams and other frozen desserts out there that could practically pass as the real thing.

For example, almond milk ice cream is the perfect alternative for a delicious snack. It’s a lot healthier than normal ice cream. In fact, almond milk ice cream only contains 40 calories, while a regular, whole-milk based ice cream contains at least 150 calories.

You might also choose frozen yogurt over ice cream. There is actually no fat requirement in frozen yogurt like there is for regular ice cream. Regular ice cream has to have no less than 10% milkfat in it to be considered ice cream. You don't have to worry about that with frozen yogurt!

Cutting Weight Doesn’t Mean Cutting Ice Cream
Regularly, 90% of households in the United States indulge in the delicious treat that is ice cream. However, being on a diet or watching what you eat doesn’t mean you need to get rid of the desert completely. Just take a look at the healthier options and choose those more often
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INFOGRAPHIC: Lose Your Weight, Not the Ice Cream