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If 2015 Were a Dessert, Confectionary Genius Dominique Ansel Thinks it Would be Ice Cream

In the confectionary world, Dominique Ansel is considered something of a sweet genius. As the man behind cronuts, the dessert and pastry chef seems to always be at the helm of America's most exciting, tasty, and whimsical dessert trends.

And if you ask Dominique Ansel what the year 2015 would be if it were a dessert, he thinks it would be ice cream. In a recent op-ed piece for The New York Times that may very well be just as whimsical as the desserts he concocts at his bakery each day, Ansel likens this year of change to a dessert that "could also sweep across the globe and be equally unifying."

Ansel writes, "Our imaginations are always bigger than our realities, so when it came to creating a dessert to capture 2015 -- any dessert, real or imaginary -- I decided to go with the latter and make an ice cream blizzard. Why cook with pots and pans if we can use the clouds to churn out ice cream? As just as no two snowflakes are alike in shape and size, why shouldn't they also be unique and individual in flavor?"

Indeed, it seems that Ansel is definitely onto something. Considering that 90% of all households enjoy ice cream, and the average person will consume ice cream over 28 times in one year, it is certainly one of the more unifying desserts that exist in the United States. With so many flavors and ways to enjoy frozen treats, such as ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt, there's always a unique frozen confectionary concoctions to dip your tasting spoons in.

And while June is the month that the most ice cream is produced, there's no season that doesn't accommodate the frozen dessert treat. From pumpkin ice cream in the fall to peppermint ice cream in the winter, tasting spoons will be full year-round.

So what do you say? Celebrate the the closing of 2015 by sharing an ice cream cup or cone with the one you love.