Ice Cream Around the World

Ice cream has become an American staple ever since any of us could probably remember. We have it in our homes, at the store, at restaurants, and have whole shops dedicated to selling it. There’s also so many ways to consume this frozen treat: sundaes, with hot fudge and brownies, on top of pie, in milkshakes, etc. Have you ever wondered how the rest of the world does their take on ice cream? Here are five iconic frozen treats around the world:

Germany - Spaghettieis

Starting off strong with Germany, they have an ice cream treat called “spaghettieis.” This is meant to replicate what an actual plate of spaghetti looks like! However, it’s ice cream and strawberries instead of noodles and marinara sauce. Germany really pulled a fast one on Italy.



Source: The Spruce Eats


If you want to learn more about the history of “spaghettieis,” here’s a link to a video I found really interesting:

This is NO Spaghetti - This is Ice Cream | How to make Spaghetti Ice Cream | "Spaghettieis"


Italy - Gelato


Source: The Walk of Italy


Speaking of Italy, I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous treat, gelato. That’s definitely one of the many iconic things Italy is known for. It’s so popular that we decided to bring that over to the US! Gelato hits close to home for Frozen Dessert Supplies because that’s actually where we, as a company, became an idea! Read more on how our CEO, Tim Porter, opened a gelato shop, and how Frozen Dessert Supplies was born in the article below!

Gelato Freeze

China - Stir Fried Ice Cream

Stir fried ice cream might seem familiar to you, as it’s rolled ice cream! Rolled ice cream has definitely become a popular trend in the states, and continues to gain popularity around the world! There have been so many flavors that people have tried such as oreo, strawberry, and even Mountain Dew. 

Rolled ice cream

Source: Real Simple


India - Kulfi

Mostly sold by vendors on the streets of India, kulfi is a similar consistency to custard. It’s made by boiling the ingredients and then freezing, which causes a long freezing process, but allows for it to melt slower than regular ice cream. 

Kulfi Ice Cream

Source: Health Shots


Turkey - Dondurma 

Dondurma is described as being chewy, stretchy ice cream. “Dondurma” actually  means “freezing” in Turkish, so that’s a pretty fitting name for this taffy-like treat. It’s made by kneading it as if it was bread dough to create that stretchy effect. Salep is the key ingredient in this ice cream, which is made of a flour mix. 

Here’s an interesting video on how “stretchy” ice cream is made!




Let us know what ice cream around the world you would love to try below! I'm eyeing that Spaghettieis myself! 

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