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Ice Cream and Gelato: Two Of America's Favorite Desserts

No matter which dessert you prefer, you may already know that gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. Just like the American version, it can taste both rich and creamy, and depending on your taste preferences, you may discover that you like to serve them side-by-side.

There are a few ingredient variations that affect the gelato's texture and taste. One of the differences between ice cream and gelato is that the former tend to have 50% air while the latter only has 25% to 30%. Since there is less air, gelato has a more dense consistency than ice cream.

When you look up recipes for both of these decadent desserts, you'll discover that gelato has more milk than ice cream. It also has less cream and fewer egg yolks.

Whether you savor scoops of gelato at home or when dining out, there are so many available flavors. While many people love their vanilla gelato as much as their vanilla ice cream, they also enjoy a scoop or two of cherry, chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, or strawberry.

Gelato can be a scrumptious afternoon treat or an excellent choice for dessert. It's easy to serve and can be accompanied with cookies, fruit, pies, or cake. It can also be drizzled with chocolate fudge, raspberry coulis, or a rich, buttery caramel sauce. Add a dollop of whipped cream, a few more drizzles, nuts, and a cherry, and voila! You have a gelato sundae!

People in the U.S. clearly love frozen desserts and indulge in them on a regular basis. In addition to ice cream and gelato, refreshing fruit sorbets are another popular choice. These, too, can be a great finale to a variety of meals.

If you're planning an afternoon get-together with family and friends, why not have an ice cream social? As you're probably aware, this would be popular with guests of all ages. If you're planning an evening party or event with food stations, such as salad and slider bars, you could also have a dessert bar with a variety of ice cream flavors and toppings.

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Ice Cream and Gelato: Two Of America's Favorite Desserts