How To Spur Creativity In A Business Meeting With Food And Social Methodology

Making a business meeting fun can be challenging, especially if the meeting includes brainstorming ideas for marketing techniques or other means of productivity. Fortunately, by incorporating creativity into your business meetings you can make these corporate briefings more successful and be stimulating to your employees.

But how can you boost creativity in an environment that's typically office-centric? Unless your workplace is a graphic design firm or branding company it can be difficult to come up with a way to spur the creative juices of the mind. Here are a few ways you can jostle your employees into productive conversation with creativity.

Brain food feeds creativity

Food is one of the best ways to feed creativity in your workplace, especially during meetings. Food gives your workers more energy to come up with ideas they may not otherwise think of before their second cup of coffee. Incorporating humor into the provided food as well and be an added bonus.

Humor creates a surge of dopamine and endorphins, which helps to keep the entire group engaged and the tension low. A simple way to use humor with food is through the use of bright colors. Bright colors such as those found on frozen yogurt spoons with frozen yogurt cups or ice cream cups are unlikely to be seen in a traditional office environment, which makes their ironic appearance abruptly comical.

Therefore, try using bright colors or other quirky aspects in your provided food (such as cheeses, sandwiches, ice cream, or cake). The fun colors of frozen yogurt spoons may not seem like they would make much of a difference on your business' productivity, but the psychology of color can lighten up the mood in any meeting and therefore spur more conversation.

Don't feed the creativity of only one kind of thinker

Businesses are filled with a variety of different types of people. Among those people are extroverts and introverts. Spurring creativity in a meeting with incentives to think outside the box and to throw ideas around can be incredibly beneficial for finding the best results for your business. However, if you focus only on one type of brainstorming, you can quench the ideas of other employees.

For instance, extroverts often speak their ideas aloud because they're fueled by the thoughts and energy of others. Encouragement to speak freely and to bounce ideas back and forth will spur creativity in employees with this energy type. Introverts often muse on their thoughts internally before speaking and may prefer to listen to other opinions before voicing theirs aloud. Encouragement to pause and think on ideas will spur creativity in employees with this energy type.

Because every worker is different, it's important to stimulate the creative juices of your employees in multiple ways because one method won't work for all. For the best meeting results, bounce your ideas around while enjoying food with fun frozen yogurt spoons and frozen yogurt cups in a relaxed atmosphere, then pause the conversation so the group can gather their thoughts. Then continue the conversation again. You may be amazed by the results you end up with.

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