How to Make Sundaes Look as Good as They Taste

Ice cream and frozen yogurt are some of the most popular (and delicious) desserts this world has to offer. In fact, 90% of U.S. households regularly indulge in a frozen treat.

Though we love them, ice cream and frozen yogurt can be messy. Frozen desserts have a habit of melting, and the gooey toppings we love like hot fudge and caramel can cause sticky disasters.

Part of enjoying a dessert is appreciating how colorful and cute it is. As the saying goes, we eat with our eyes, and we tend to think something that looks good also tastes delicious. If you're hosting an ice cream social or photographing your frozen yogurt for Instagram, use these tips to make your sundae spectacular.

Step One: Choose the Right Bowl

The key to a pretty sundae is choosing a container that will show off ingredients. Pick ice cream or frozen yogurt cups that will expose just enough of the treat to make the sundae look slightly heaped, but make sure the dish still big enough to catch melting drips. If you're taking pictures to advertise your small ice cream or fro-yo business, consider buying paper frozen yogurt cups that feature your brand without being overly distracting in design. A good container is often a simple one that shows off the beauty of the dessert.

Step Two: Consider Pre-Scooping and Freezing

If you're looking to take a perfect photo of your ice cream creation, you'll need a little time between sundae-building and the dessert melting to capture a few pictures. To help stall the melting process, consider scooping balls of the dessert into frozen yogurt cups, and putting the scoops back in the freezer. You can also freeze balls of ice cream on a cookie tray, and then use the hardened scoops to build a picture-perfect sundae. This strategy helps create a neater and more fresh-looking sundae for the ultimate ice cream selfie.

Step Three: Master the Toppings

Anyone who has worked in the ice cream business will tell you that making the perfect cone or sundae takes practice. Knowing exactly how much of each topping to use is a skill best built over time. Try practicing your whipped-cream dispensing and chocolate drizzling skills on smaller portions before you serve that special birthday dessert or take the winning photo. Once you've practiced, you can even use toppings to hide other imperfections.

Remember, sundaes and their toppings can be a little messy and still look delicious. Aim for a fun and spontaneous vibe while building your masterpiece to enjoy your best-looking sundae yet!
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