How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs are a trend that has gripped the internet. They're hollow spheres of chocolate filled with hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, and other fun mix-ins. Hot chocolate bombs are a great way to be more Instagram-able and keep business booming in the winter.

What You'll Need:

  • Half circle silicone mold
  • Pastry brush
  • 2 cups melting chocolate (chocolate chips will work too)
  • 1 cup hot chocolate mix
  • 1 cup mini marshmallows
  • Decorations

How to Make Them:

1. Melt your chocolate

Melted Chocolate, How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

Chop your chocolate into 1/2" pieces and microwave in 15-second intervals. Between each interval, fold the chocolate gently. Make sure not to over-melt your chocolate. Stop when it's still smooth and a little chunky, the chunks will stir out as you fold it.

2. Fill your molds

Spoon a small amount of melted chocolate into each mold, about 1 tablespoon. Use your pastry brush to fully coat each well. Keep your chocolate very thin and even. Allow it to set for around 15 minutes.

3. Apply a second layer

Filling Chocolate Molds, How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

Once your first layer of chocolate has set, repeat step two over your first layer. After that, jiggle your silicone mold around so the chocolate is smooth and evenly distributed. Allow your second layer to set for at least an hour before trying to manipulate it more.

4. FIll your bombs

Remove your chocolate halves from your mold making sure not to crack any of them. Set half of the chocolate halves aside. Fill your remaining chocolates with two scoops of hot chocolate mix and two scoops of mini marshmallows.

5. Melt it

Melty Chocolate, How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

Preheat your oven with a cookie sheet inside. Once your oven is hot, remove your cookie sheet and place it on your counter or stove. Press the flat side of the chocolate halves you set aside earlier onto the cookie sheet one at a time so they get soft.

6. Put them together

Press the melted half to the flat edge of your filled chocolate. Smooth out the edges with your fingers.

7. Decorate them

Chocolate Balls, How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

Once you've put your chocolate bombs together, it's time to decorate them! Remelt any extra chocolate you have and drizzle it on top. Top with sprinkles or candy pieces.

Here are some fun decoration and flavor combinations you can use:

  • White chocolate + peanut butter sauce + Reese's Pieces
  • Dark chocolate + white chocolate drizzle + Oreo pieces
  • Milk chocolate + Andes mint pieces + chocolate mint sprinkles
  • Dark chocolate + butterscotch chips + Heath bar pieces

Have you made hot chocolate bombs? Take a picture and tag us on Instagram! We love hearing from you.


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