How to Craft a More Comfortable Ice Cream Shop and Cafe

Crafting a comfortable cafe or ice cream shop is vital to your restaurant's success. But comfort means more than just installing cozy booths to sit in. Along with offering the best frozen yogurt supplies, here are some of the best ways to transform your eatery from drab to dreamy. 

Focus on seating 

Did you know that the average height for a dining table is 750 mm or about 2.5 feet? If you go any higher or lower, you might find your patrons struggling to get in or out of their chairs. Ensure your tables are at the right height before you start picking out fabrics and finishes. 

Don't forget the ambiance

It's estimated that 87% of diners claim that an eatery's ambiance is important to their impression of a restaurant. When customers enter an ice cream place, try to go for colorful, inviting colors that make your patrons feel as happy as their ice cream does. Just be sure to avoid blues and purples in your color scheme unless it's on a gelato cups design: experts claim that red inspires hunger while cool tones work as appetite suppressants. 

Hire friendly staff

This one seems like a no-brainer, but a friendly staff can make all the difference in a diner's experience at your cafe or ice cream shop. According to some researchers, two factors create a more likable server: the ability to cross-sell and their ability to up-sell items on the menu. Try recommending other options when you're serving new flavors in custom gelato cups. Servers can also take care to remember a patron's name when they serve customers. This is one of six ways to make people like you. 

When up to 50% of people eat out between two and four times per week, you want to make a great impression to keep them coming back. Follow these tips when you want to make an impact on your restaurant. For more tips and the best in gelato cups and frozen yogurt supplies, rely on Frozen Dessert Supplies today. 

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