How Custom Printing Paper Cups With A Company's Branded Logo Can Improve Brand Loyalty

For any thriving business, repeat customers are extremely valuable. In fact, a repeat customer will spend up to 67% more than a new one. Much of this has to do with the loyalty a customer feels toward a brand. And even if a company builds brand loyalty with just 5% of customers, that small percentage can lead to an increased average profit between 25% to 100% per customer. Those are numbers that simply cannot be ignored.

But how can a business build brand loyalty? While there are many ways to do so, one of the keys to brand loyalty is brand recognition. For Millennials, brand loyalty either comes from a great product, which 77% feel drives such loyalty, or the name recognition of a brand, which 69% in that age group cite as most important.

However, the competition to seek that recognition goes beyond the scope of advertises. It actually has to do with how we think. The human brain takes in and processes roughly 400 billion pieces of information per second, and yet it only recognizes 2,000 of those bits at a time. Even when someone isn’t cognizant of it, that person’s brain is filing the information that it processes. And when the brain sees a piece of information repeatedly, it becomes familiar. That’s how brand recognition works: once people begin to see a logo repeatedly, they find it familiar and are inclined to choose this brand and product over others.

In order to generate brand impressions, it helps when companies generate custom printed items, such as custom printed dessert cups. This is a marketing tactic that ultimately pays off. Just one dollar invested in a custom printed item, such as a tote bag, receives around 1,000 brand impressions. That’s twice as many brand impressions that billboards and writing instruments receive.

And in this highly competitive world, it pays to invest in custom product printing. Studies suggest that in this world saturated with branding and advertising, businesses need to reach a prospect at a minimum of 10 to 15 times before their messages are noted and translated into action.

For this reason and so many more, custom printing matters when making brand impressions. In fact, 92.6% of individuals surveyed place the most importance on the aesthetics of a product when making a purchasing decision. On the other hand, only 5.6% feel that tactile senses are important. Coming in last, a mere 0.9% each thought hearing and smell mattered most.

Before placing an order for custom printed products, though, businesses need to be wise with their designs. According to research, color matters when creating custom product designs, as individuals are wont to make subconscious judgments about people, environments, and products within just 90 seconds. In fact, between 62% and 90% of individuals say that assessment is based on color alone. And with 73% of all purchasing decisions now made in-store, it is critical to use color to catch the customer’s eye -- and keep it there.

This is because color can increase brand recognition by up to 80%, as 92% of surveyed individuals believe that color helps to convey an air of quality to any product. Additionally, 90% of those surveyed feel that color can help to attract new customers.

Color psychology is apparent in a number of fields. In the corporate world, for example, presentations and documents are believed to be better remembered when color is used, according to an overwhelming 90% of survey respondents.

In addition to helping the customer, it can also help to increase brand confidence from within, as 83% of people believe that color makes them appear more successful, and 81% believe it gives them a competitive edge. And for small businesses, the use of color is especially helpful, as 76% believe that the use of color makes their business appear bigger and more well-established to clients.

So yes, a product’s color and design can drive both brand recognition and brand loyalty, whether it’s a branded tote bag or a custom printed ice cream cups. Businesses should explore their custom printing options if they want to grab customers’ attention and keep it, too.
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