Have Your Ice Cream and Eat it Too -- Even With a Dairy Allergy

Picture this: You’ve lived your whole life eating ice cream like everyone else until one day, you couldn't. You were given the devastating news that you would no longer be able to indulge in the sweet treat due to an allergy. Fortunately, many ice cream companies out there have decided to create some alternatives.

Why Can’t You Have Ice Cream?
The most common reason as to why someone can’t snack on the sweet treat is because they have one of four lactose deficiencies. These lactose deficiencies include:

About 40% of people living in the United States have one of these four deficiencies, which is reason enough for alternatives to be created.

What Can You Eat?
Even if you can eat ice cream but choose not to (about one out of three Americans prefer non-dairy milk), there are so many options out there for ice cream alternatives! Companies all around the world are constantly producing ice cream in the normal flavors of vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, and peanut butter that will be safe for all to eat.

Are the Alternatives Better?
Non-dairy frozen treats such as sorbet are actually better for you than normal ice cream. In fact, a single serving of non-dairy sorbet has only about 36 calories in it! Even though it has fewer calories, however, you still need to make sure you’re not overdoing it and eating way too much.

By 2017, the non-dairy ice cream industry was set to reach a market value of $2.45 billion. From 2016 to 2017, Americans ate $29 billion worth of sorbet. This market keeps on growing each year as 68% of people say they would rather buy a frozen treat that was dairy-free rather than one with dairy included.
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