Have Extra Paper Straws Laying Around? Try These 4 Kid-Friendly Crafts!

A good crafting project shouldn’t be expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap everyday products that can be used in hundreds of creative ways.

To prove how affordable and easy crafting can be, this article focuses on kid-friendly projects made with paper straws. Paper straws are colorful, budget-friendly, and easy to buy in bulk. The only limit is your imagination!

Here are 4 kid-friendly crafts that require only paper straws and a few other inexpensive materials:

Craft #1: Homemade Party Blowers

Kids and adults of all ages love those goofy party toys that unroll like a frog’s tongue. Before your next party, try making homemade party blowers using paper drinking straws. Simply cut three-by-10 inch pieces of scrapbooking paper, and fold into a thin flattened tube. Seal the seam and one end with washi tape. Next, fold the unsealed end in a V shape, and insert it into a paper straw. Secure to the straw with more washi tape, and blow!

Craft #2: Wall Decorations

Kids love to decorate their bedrooms and play areas. Spend an afternoon making homemade, waste-free decorations with eco-friendly paper straws! Straws can be assembled in a variety of interesting geometric shape or bent into letters. Simply secure the design with hot glue, and hang on the wall using a bit of poster putty. The straws are incredibly lightweight, making them excellent hanging decor.

Craft #3: Photo Booth Masks and Props

This craft only takes a few minutes but can bring hours of fun. Simply cut out masks, fake glasses, and silly mustaches from light cardboard or sturdy paper. Decorate as desired, and then attach one side to a paper straw. Use two or three straws and secure with tape to create a holding stick. Suddenly, you have a funny prop for a homemade photo booth!

Craft #4: Flameless Decorative “Candles”

Skip the traditional birthday candles this year, and try a flameless, decorative twist! Simply cut paper straws in half, and then stuff one opening with small pieces of yellow and orange tissue paper to imitate the appearance of a candle. This method is much safer than real flames for little ones and is a great way to decorate dozens of cupcakes quickly.

Where Can I Find Decorative Paper Straws?

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