Happy Mother's Day from Frozen Dessert Supplies

Washington Irving said,

“A mother’s love endures through all.”

There’s really something special about mothers. Their dedication, enduring love, and ongoing support inspire us all. This Mother’s Day, we’re reminded of two women with a major hand in our company: Stephanie and Valerie.


Stephanie and Baby, Happy Mother's Day from Frozen Dessert Supplies

Stephanie is a blessing to all of our lives. She's the co-founder of the company and the wife of our CEO, Tim Porter. The mother of six children, she’s an incredible leader. Stephanie is a big reason the company is where we are today. Her influence is always a light to those around her. Her abiding faith continually strengthens each person she comes in contact with and we have been deeply blessed by her guidance.

Stephanie and Tim Family Wedding, Happy Mother's Day from Frozen Dessert Supplies


Valerie, Happy Mother's Day from Frozen Dessert Supplies

The mother of our CEO, Valerie, has been an incredible influence on the company. You may have noticed all our prices end in 64, that's no coincidence. The house she grew up in was #64. Her family eventually starting referring to it as just "64." She passed away in a tragic accident in 2013. That was her 64th year. Since then, the number 64 has come up in many other instances for her family. We end all our prices with 64 as a tribute to her memory.

Valerie is another example of ever-abiding faith, love, and trust. She met her husband while he was on a vacation in Wales, where she grew up. He was living in Arizona. They dated for a few weeks but he had to return to his regular life. When he got home, he bought a one-way ticket to be with his Welsh Princess. They dated a few months. She then left the lush, green land of Wales for dry and arid Arizona. She had only her wedding dress in her suitcase. The two of them got married and had a family of seven boys and one girl. She continued to live her life with love. We strive every day to continue her legacy.

Valerie and Family, Happy Mother's Day from Frozen Dessert Supplies

From Tim Porter, our CEO,

“I cannot think of anything that has had a greater impact on this world than mothers. My mum (she was from the UK) was instrumental in my life. She recently passed away and is greatly missed, but her legacy lives on in more ways than she ever knew. To every angel mother out there, may all your dreams come true. We appreciate everything you do.”

This Mother’s Day, we’re especially grateful for the mothers and motherly figures in our lives. To all the moms, mums, and mamas, we thank you. You’re doing the most admirable work.

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About the Author: Tim Porter

Tim is the CEO and people builder of FrozenDessertSupplies.com. In his free time, he enjoys being with his family, collecting watches, and Classic Mini Coopers.

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