Fun Facts About Gelato You Probably Didn't Know

When it comes to eating ice cream, it is no secret that we all love a good frozen treat once in a while. But within the past few decades, the United States has been infiltrated by a new Italian frozen concoction that puts all our desserts to shame. Gelato, which is Italy's answer to ice cream, contains between 3% and 8% milkfat and 25% to 30% air.

Gelato is a pretty vibrant and versatile dessert. So get your gelato spoons ready; here are some fun facts about this frozen concoction you may not have known.

    • Gelato gets its name from the Italian word congelato which means frozen. 

    • It has very similar ingredients to ice cream. Except it contains less cream and no egg yolks, which gives it an interesting airy feel. 

    • Gelato was originally invented as a similar version of sorbet. But since then, more cream and flavors have been added to make it similar to the American ice cream we all know and love. 

    • This dish has roots back to the Ancient Romans, who would put sugar, honey, and fruit on top of mountain snow as a tasty method of cooling off. If only the Romans knew how much it has evolved since then! 

    • Catherine de Medici of Florence brought a similar version of gelato to France when she married the King of France in 1533. But since the Italians used water when making gelato, the French version was a bit creamier as they decided to add milk to the recipe. 

    • Gelato is kept at a warmer temperature than ice cream. This is what gives it it's stronger flavor it is known for. This is because when the gelato is warmer, your tongue is not as numbed by the cold and is able to taste the flavor complexities easier. 

  • There's a Gelato World Cup held in Italy every year. This is when countries from all over the world travel to Italy in hopes of creating their best version of a traditional gelato dish. Imagine the number of gelato spoons just waiting to dig in at this event! 

So with these facts in mind, chances are you'll be thinking twice about going for ice cream and choosing gelato the next time you're in the mood for something frozen and sweet!
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