Don't Sacrifice Style for Sustainability: Use Colorful Eco Cups!

It's almost Earth Day! If you're adding some eco-friendly elements to your shop for the holiday or you're just looking to be a more sustainable business, you don't have to rely solely on kraft brown and raw wood (though there's nothing wrong with these). Have you ever wondered why eco-friendly supplies, such as eco-friendly cups and hot coffee cup lids are so often associated with these materials? Here's your answer: traditional ink doesn't biodegrade. Even if something is printed on biodegradable paper, the ink makes it bad for the environment. We have a solution for you: organic soy ink.

What is Traditional Ink?

Printer Ink, Don't Sacrifice Style for Sustainability: Use Colorful Eco Cups!

There are two main types of ink: writing and printing. We'll be focusing primarily on printing ink. When working with inkjet printers, you're using powder toner rather than liquid ink. Toner is made from polyester. When working with other types of printers, you'll be primarily working with liquid ink. Typically, that's made from petroleum. Neither of these ingredients are sustainable.

Because traditional ink isn't biodegradable, most eco-friendly restaurant supplies in USA are plain and boring. Usually, they're kraft brown or white with dull and unexciting designs because using traditional ink to print on eco-friendly cups will stop them from fully biodegrading.

Break Away from the Brown

Citrus, Don't Sacrifice Style for Sustainability: Use Colorful Eco Cups!

We print with organic soy ink that's fully biodegradable. Our eco friendly paper cups will fully biodegrade without leaving any trace. They're coated with PLA (made from corn starch) so your customers don't have to worry about leaking or soggy cups!

Colorful eco cups and eco-friendly to-go containers are the perfect way to stay stylish and sustainable. With soy ink, you don't have to worry about harming the environment with your printed cups.

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Our paper ice cream cups are made withFDA approved food-safe papercoated in a thin layer ofPE (Polyethylene). Our clear plastic cups, banana split boats, and plastic dome lids are made fromPET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). Our plastic spoons and straws are made fromPP (Polypropylene). Our eco-friendly ice cream cups are made fromFDA approved food-safe papercoated in a thin layer ofPLA (Polylactic Acid). PLA is plastic made from corn starch. Our eco-friendly spoons are also made from PLA. Our eco-friendly wooden spoons are made from FDA approvedsmooth birch wood.