Do Paper Straws Actually Work?

The crusade on plastic straws started a few years ago. Pictures and publications came out about the dangers of plastic straws and how everyone should boycott them. The most obvious solution for the plastic straw issue is to ban them completely. That's not an option.

Paper Straws in Italian Sodas, Do Paper Straws Actually Work?

Why Not Just Stop Using Straws?

There are a lot of people who can't drink without straws, people with disabilities and mobility issues. Alongside that, many people just love using straws. Until recently, plastic straws were the only option.

Restaurants and straw manufacturers scrambled to find a solution. Their fixes were shaky at best. They didn't take the time to manufacture good products that worked well continually. The paper straws they made were thin, flimsy, and they disintegrated in water. Paper straws got a bad rap for poor quality.

Kraft Straws, Do Paper Straws Actually Work?

That has Changed

Since then, we've made leaps and bounds in paper straw quality. Now, paper straws can handle prolonged use in drinks! Our paper straws are made from high-quality food-grade paper coated in soy oil. They won't disintegrate in your drink but they will biodegrade in your compost pile!

Birthday Straws, Do Paper Straws Actually Work?

Paper Straws for Function and Fashion

Paper straws aren't just better for the environment, they're prettier than plastic straws! You can match any party theme or ice cream shop. Try using striped paper straws for a more retro vibe or polka dot paper straws for a whimsical vibe. Paper straws work well and look better than plastic straws.

Paper Straw Italian Soda, Do Paper Straws Actually Work?

If you're searching for eco-friendly, sustainable, high-quality straws, look no further! Frozen Dessert Supplies has a wide variety of stylish and durable straws.

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