Can You Guess Which Bizarre Ice Cream Flavor is Taking The World By Storm?

News recently broke about the world’s newest ice cream flavor. Hailed by USA Today in the latest in a long history of postmodern food that is "blurring of boundaries and the celebration thereof."

This flavor, which was recently added to Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia has actually existed for a number of years, making quite a splash back in 2015, but was quickly forgotten. But this time, things appear to be different, as lines are already forming to get a tasting spoon, individual ice cream cup, or, in the case of the truly dedicated, a couple of containers full.

But what is this mysterious flavor that we’ve been teasing you with? This delectable delicacy that has so enraptured the culinary curious in Philadelphia? This suspenseful specialty that swept the City of Brotherly Love? Three words: Pizza. Ice. Cream.

Yes, that’s right! Pizza ice cream is the latest member of the pantheon of peculiar ice cream flavors. We’ve broached the subject before, but with the constant evolution and experimentation, no one can truly hope to keep up with the flood of fantastical flavors.

The constant ice cream innovation is no surprise: ice cream has always been an obvious obsession of the American psyche. Each and every year, 9% of the total milk production in the United States goes into the production of ice cream.

But pizza-flavored ice cream is unique, unlike pear and bleu cheese-flavored ice cream or breakfast in bed ice cream, pizza is perhaps the only other food that takes up as much space in the culinary culture of our nation.

The combination of these two giants has garnered a wealth of public opinions. Some opening the unconventional marriage, while others effuse over the pairing -- some have even taken to eating their pizza-flavored ice cream a la mode, or on top of an actual piece of pizza. While this is hard as conventional ice cream containers, such as paper ice cream cups or cones, it is an interesting idea.

Whether or not this trend will last is anyone’s guess. As we already mentioned, pizza flavor ice cream has made one previous premiere onto the world's stage, which proved unsuccessful. But the people of Philadelphia plan to enjoy it while it lasts.
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