America Weighs in on Their Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

No matter the times, people, or circumstances, everyone loves ice cream. Over the course of just one year, the average American will consume ice cream 28.5 times. No wonder a whopping 9% of all of the milk produced by dairy farmers in the United States is used to make ice cream.

But which ice cream cups and cones are America's favorite? According to a recent survey conducted by the International Dairy Foods Association, America loves three flavors in particular: vanilla, chocolate, and butter pecan. And tied at a distant fourth? Rocky Road, coffee, and Neapolitan.

If you think that these flavors are a little -- vanilla -- well, you're probably right. Especially if you compare them to the wild flavors gracing the plastic tasting spoons of ice cream visionaries and trendsetters across the country.

For example, flavors that are turning up from coast to coast includes balsamic vinegar, pizza, blue cheese, maple bacon, and even something called "tomato water."

And while none of these flavors are necessarily mixed together, many innovators wouldn't rule that out these days, either.

"I think people are open to new and less conventional ice cream flavors more than ever these days," said Sam Kopicko, co-owner of Sweet Action Ice Cream, an ice cream shop based in Denver that's host to a plethora of unconventional flavors, such as biscuits and jam.

"A lot of our customers seem pretty excited about trying flavors they probably won't find anywhere," Kopicko continued.

What kind of ice cream eater are you? If you're more on the vanilla side of the flavor scale, then by all means, feel free to continue to load up your plastic tasting spoons with vanilla, chocolate, and butter pecan. Heck, if you're feeling wild, why not even give mint chip a shot. But know that if you're craving a taste of adventure, America's ice cream shops have plethora of unique, wacky, and tantalizing ice cream flavors available for you out there!

If you're like the 90% of United States households that regularly indulge in ice cream, tell us what your favorite flavor is in the comment section below!
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