7 Patriotic Treats for Your Ice Cream Shop this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an American holiday that falls on the last Monday of May each year. Our nation has celebrated it since the Civil War. One of the first known Memorial Day celebrations was a gathering of freed slaves in Charleston, South Carolina. Every spring since then, people have gathered in remembrance of fallen soldiers. In 1971, the US government recognized it as a federal holiday. Unofficially, it's become the start of the summer season.

To kick off this summer, here are 7 patriotic treats perfect for your ice cream shop this Memorial Day:

1. Watermelon Sorbet

Watermelon, 7 Patriotic Treats for Your Ice Cream Shop this Memorial Day

Watermelon is a classic summer fruit. It's juicy, sweet, and easy to come by. This Memorial Day, try something new in your ice cream shop: make your own watermelon sorbet! Because it's mainly water and sugar, watermelon lends itself to summer treats easily.

To make this, simply cut a ripe watermelon into 1" cubes, freeze them for two to three hours, and blend it with about a cup of sugar. Serve cold with whipped cream on top!

2. American Neapolitan Sundae

Your customers will love this new take on the classic ice cream. It's simple and delicious while still being patriotic. Don't forget to serve it in a festive cup!

To make this, scoop strawberry, vanilla, and blueberry ice cream into a sundae cup and garnish it with strawberry jam, blueberries, and whipped cream. It's the perfect patriotic mix of fruity flavors.

3. Apple Pie Milkshake

Apple Pies, 7 Patriotic Treats for Your Ice Cream Shop this Memorial Day

There are few things more quintessentially American than apple pie. The sweet apples mixed with the sharp cinnamon gives this the best balance of flavors. Add vanilla ice cream and it's the perfect treat!

To make this, scoop your ice cream and pour your milk as you normally would for a vanilla milkshake but add a piece of apple pie. A great alternative to making your own pies would be to buy individually wrapped hand pies from your local grocery store. Garnish this milkshake with whipped cream and a light dusting of cinnamon.

4. Memorial Day Slush

Ice cream sodas are a delightful shared memory between many Americans. Most people will just add a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream to root beer or cream soda. This slush takes traditional ice cream floats to the next level.

To make this, blend together vanilla ice cream and red cream soda in its own container. Do the same with both blueberry ice cream and vanilla ice cream with cream soda (separate from each other). Fill a cold drink cup a third of the way with the red mixture, a second third with the white mixture, and the rest with the blue mixture. This will create a layered slush in the perfect patriotic colors. Don't forget to serve it with a patriotic straw too!

5. Ombre American Soda

A hot new take on a classic Italian soda! This American soda combines the Instagram-able look of an ombre drink with the patriotic colors of Memorial Day. Your customers will love it!

To make this, pump red flavoring syrup in the bottom of a clear plastic drink cup, add a scoop of ice cubes, pour in club soda until you're near the top of the cup, then add blueberry delight flavoring syrup. Garnish with whipped cream, a cherry, and a blueberry. Finish it with a colorful straw for added visual interest.

6. S'mores Sundae

S'mores, 7 Patriotic Treats for Your Ice Cream Shop this Memorial Day

S'mores are a classic summer treat. You may not have a bonfire in your ice cream shop but you can still serve this delightful summer treat. Here's a fun take on the classic treat perfect for the holiday.

To make this, start with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Top that with marshmallow cream (optional: toast your marshmallow cream for some extra color). Garnish with chocolate sauce, graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate shavings. This is sure to remind your customers of fun summer camping trips.

7. Red, White, and Vanilla Sundae

Every ice cream shop owner knows how important a classic sundae is to their menu. This is a patriotic take on that sundae. It's delicious, festive, and Instagram-able. Your customers are sure to love it!

To make this, start with a bed of fresh, cut strawberries on the bottom of your sundae cup. Add your vanilla ice cream. Top that with whipped cream, blueberry jam, and fresh blueberries. This patriotic sundae is perfect for Memorial Day. Try using these fun color changing spoons for added visual interest!

Memorial Day Sundae, 7 Patriotic Treats for Your Ice Cream Shop this Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, try some fun patriotic treats as you celebrate and pay tribute to our beloved soldiers and civil servants.

Leave us a comment with your favorite summer treats and traditions!

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