4 Interesting Ways to Increase Ice Cream Sales

As an ice cream store, ice cream sales are what keeps your doors open. Below are 4 interesting and creative ways to increase your ice cream sales.


Sell Larger Quantities

Make it a regular thing to sell your ice cream flavors by the pint, quart or half-gallon that way your ice cream sales increase because of the larger quantity that sold. When you as a business create yummy flavors that people love, they may want to buy in larger quantities from you for special events or to keep in their home. This will help you stand out from the next ice cream company that doesn’t have this option. If you need larger to-go containers to click here!

Be Creative with your Product

Do something creative and advertise a specialty item bringing people in to increase your ice cream sales. Here are some ideas that may help get your business thinking:
  • Make ice cream sandwiches cookies, click here to watch a video on how to create cookies very easily using pint containers.
  • Make ice cream pies, you get the idea!
  • Mix the ice cream flavors to make a unicorn/rainbow-looking flavor. Rainbows and unicorn flavors are very trendy and fun right now.
  • Have a “secret” menu: have each of your workers mix a flavor of their own and make their favorite ice cream/topping combinations. Create hype for the secret menu and one way to do that is by posting on social media saying come in and ask about our secret menu.
  • Have fun getting creative and finding new ways to use your product that will intrigue your customers. Amongst your team, you could have a contest to create this specialty item and offer a small bonus to the worker who created the best specialty item. That way the item will be original and your workers will get hyped about the product. This will help get customers excited about your shop and get them talking about your product.

Get Customers in the Door

As a business, the goal is to get customers in the door because the best way to increase ice cream sales. Here are some ways that can get more customers in the door:

Offer a sale for the last hour or two that you are open for a certain day of the week, that way it will increase your sales for that hour and you will become a weekly to do in your surrounding community.
You could offer a date night sale, for example on a Friday night you could offer to buy one ice cream cup and get the second one half off. That way you will get two customers every time or else they won’t get the deal.
Try to come up with other ways to get customers in the door that will get them interested so they will start talking with their friends about it. Think about what would work for your business and test it out. As was mentioned earlier, As a team you could also try and come up with ideas that would be effective and the person with the winning idea could get a small bonus. That way your workers will be hyped about the idea and get their friends to come in.

Run a giveaway

There are many different ways to run giveaways giving you different results within your business. Try doing a giveaway that would increase customers coming into your store to enter. Maybe to enter the giveaway there’s a jar on your counter for customers to enter or maybe you run an Instagram giveaway that increases your awareness in your community. Try different ones and figure out which ones are the best for your business. If you need help on how to run an Facebook giveaway this article goes into depth on tips and can be tweaked for an instagram giveaway.

Good Luck!

As you go about trying new ways to increase your ice cream sales within your business don’t get too discouraged if one idea isn’t as successful as you thought it might be. Think, could you have advertised it better? Did we test this out for long enough to get the best analytics on whether it was successful enough? Based on our audience is there a different idea that might be more successful? Good luck as your business tests out ideas that will increase your ice cream sales! Hopefully, you can find a fun idea that will get your customers excited about your company.
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