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4 Fun Occasions that Call For Custom Ice Cream Cups

Though most of the nation's ice cream is produced in the month of June, this frozen delight is popular year round. No matter the season, and no matter the occasion, there's always time for ice cream.

However, some occasions are worthy of a little more decorum when it comes to ice cream consumption. For special events, plain old vanilla in plain old bowls just won't do. If your ice cream scoops and sundaes need an upgrade, ordering custom ice cream cups can be the best way to make your event a little more memorable.

Here are four occasions that totally warrant custom ice cream cups designed by professionals:

Commemorating Your Business's Special Day or Anniversary

Successful businesses know when to buckle down and work hard, and also when to celebrate successes. If your company is approaching an exciting mile marker like a 50 year anniversary, or just coming off a huge innovation success, why not commemorate the occasion with custom ice cream cups? You can design your bowl or cup with the company's logo and slogan. Custom cups are also a great way to subtly promote your brand, especially if potential clients will be attending your celebration.

A Special Birthday Party

All birthdays are special, but some birthdays are also rites of passage. A child's first birthday, a teenager's sweet sixteen, a young adult's 21st, and a more seasoned adult's 50th birthday are all significant life moments. Make that special person's day even more memorable with custom ice cream cups. Design the cup with the person's name, their age, and their favorite colors for a more decorative and quirky celebration.

Charity Event

If you're planning an event for a good cause, decorative ice cream cups might be the perfect addition. Use cups as a reminder of the important work your team is doing. Include the name of the organization, images, and other symbols of the charity work that still needs to be done to help those in need.

Social Media Campaigns

Perhaps the best part of designing custom ice cream cups is that they look so darn cute! Custom ice cream cups marked with your brand and filled with a lovely ice cream sundae will look great on your company's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can offer visitors discounts if they post a picture of your ice cream cups, or even make a hashtag for your event to help boost your business's online presence. Who knew ice cream could be a great marketing tool?

Take nearly any event to the next level with ice cream. And, take your ice cream to the next level with custom ice cream products. For more information about ordering the ice cream items you need, contact Frozen Dessert Supplies today!

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Our paper ice cream cups are made withFDA approved food-safe papercoated in a thin layer ofPE (Polyethylene). Our clear plastic cups, banana split boats, and plastic dome lids are made fromPET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). Our plastic spoons and straws are made fromPP (Polypropylene). Our eco-friendly ice cream cups are made fromFDA approved food-safe papercoated in a thin layer ofPLA (Polylactic Acid). PLA is plastic made from corn starch. Our eco-friendly spoons are also made from PLA. Our eco-friendly wooden spoons are made from FDA approvedsmooth birch wood.

4 Fun Occasions that Call For Custom Ice Cream Cups