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3 Marketing Tips to Put Your Ice Cream Shop on the Map This Summer

As the weather continues to heat up, the 90% of households across the country that regularly indulge in ice cream rejoice, for the season to truly scream for ice cream is here. Indeed, with June being the month where the most ice cream is produced, children are lining up at ice cream shops with fistfuls of quarters, crumpled dollars, and the like, waiting to fill their tasting spoons with something sweet.

And if you're the owner of an ice cream store, the coming of this season also means that it's time to kick up your marketing strategy. This summer, you want your ice cream shop to be the shop of choice for the summer -- for locals and tourists alike. To stay ahead of the scoop, check out these three ice cream shop marketing tips that will help your business stand out in delicious ways:

Get Foodie Publicity
Stay abreast of all the latest food news and trends in your community. And from there, make headlines! Host an ice cream competition or encourage a "name the flavor" competition. Blog about it, talk to local news stations and get the word out on what cool things your ice cream shop is up to. This will not only solidify loyal customers' interest but will inevitably bring in new ones from all of the buzz.

Custom Frozen Dessert Supplies
Placing your ice cream shop's unique logo on custom ice cream cups, bags, and other dessert supplies is an excellent way to get the word out about your shop. Studies show that customers are more likely to remember your business if your products bear your logo. Additionally, custom ice cream cups for the like are essentially free advertising that will continually pay for itself.

Offer Samples
The average American indulges in ice cream 28.5 times per year. Why not make their day a little sweeter by offering up a free sample? Customers are more likely to give businesses to stores who offer free products and services.
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